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W3HAC Weekly Net: 12/23/14

Posted by on December 23, 2014

The first W3HAC Weekly Net was a great success with 6 checkins on the K3VOA Repeater.


  • KC3CVN – Patrick – Capitol Hill (Net Control)
  • W3HAC/K6ZO – Don – HacDC
  • KC3CIF – Christine – Glover Park
  • K0OO – Pat – Floating in NW
  • KD9XB – Kim
  • KC9WER Andy

Net Summary:

  • K6ZO announced W3HAC has a new telephone number that rings at the club station: 336-73-W3HAC. Great number! He is also working on letterhead for the club.
  • KD9XB checked in and let us know that the K3VOA repeater is sometimes subject to interference from another repeater on the same frequency.  He also plugged his very exciting project called VOA Radiogram in which text messages and images are broadcast using digital radio modes from the VOA shortwave stations . More information at We should invite Kim to HacDC to talk about this very cool project. KD9XB also mentioned the Arlington Radio Club net on Tuesday nights at 7:30, just before our net.
  • We discussed the WSPR mode. KD9XB is a big WSPR user.  He calls it analogous to “fishing by propping fishing pole on rail and falling asleep.” The transmitter sends out a beacon every few minutes and reception is reported on a website.  The mode is good for those in high RF noise situations.  Very low power, very forgiving.
  • KC3CIF had Tx and Rx problems from her Glover Park QTH.  We discussed helping her with antenna solutions.  She is also experimenting with SDR dongles and would like to connect her SDR dongle to her iPad.
  • KC9WER mentioned the SET net takes place on the K3VOA repeater Mondays at 11:30am.  FEMA director Craig Fugate sometimes checks in to the net.
  • We discussed topics for W3HAC speakers and topics for the Weekly Net.
    • Kc3CIF suggested a speaker should discuss how to prepare a patent application.  This idea was  well received.  KC3CVN will solicit a patent attorney at his firm to give a talk about how to protect IP.  This will be a good topic for all of HacDC as well.
    • KC3CIF also suggested a speaker or HacDC session on antenna building.
    • K0OO suggested bringing Joel from the RF Connection to come to the club and talk about coax connections.  This could include a coax soldering demonstration and even some onsite sales.
  • KC3CVN proposed rotating the Net Control role encouraged all to be Net Control.  The Net Control script is posted on the W3HAC website here.

The net lasted about 45 minutes and several participants lingered for an ‘after-net net.’


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