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Past Presentations

10 September 2014 WinLink presentation by Lee, N4TCW

13 Aug 2014 Ethan Waldo KF5UFH presented on SDR

9 July 2014 Keith Elkin presented on mesh networking with broadband microwave.

11 June 2014  ARES_Overview_to_W3HAC  Montgomery WB3KAS Maryland/Washington, DC Section Emergency Coordinator presented an introduction to ARES

14 May 2014 David W2LNX presented on broadband microwave networking on 3.4 GHz

13 November 2013 Technician class license test preparation with multiple Elmers

9 Oct 2013 Aviation_Data_Monitoring  Martin presented monitoring aircraft data with an inexpensive DVB-T USB dongle

11 September 2013 RTL-SDR night – Hax showed off GQRX forLinux and Martin showed off SDR# for Windows using inexpensive DVB-T dongles to listen to a very large frequency range.

28 August 2013 David W2LNX presented on High Speed Multimedia (HSMM) over UHF – 70 or 33 cm for emergency services

10 April 2013 Cheap Chinese radio night.   Hax showed off his $40 Baofeng UV-3R  UHF/VHF HT and talks about investigations of free programming software.

13 February 2013  Martin presented on Intro To Digital Modes.

28 November 2012 ARES presentation

8 November 2012 Public_Service_Communications ARES presentation by Jack Gunther KB3KKY – DC ARES EC

12 September 2012 APRS presentation by Martin KB3UJQ

8 August 2012 Samudra Haque N3RDX presentation on small satellites, AMSAT, high bit rate satellite communication links, etc

July 11 2012 Lee N4TCW talked about his personal experiences operating in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew and emergency communications in general

June 13 2012 Project Byzantium present the development of WiFi mesh network that runs on PC’s and laptops

May 9 2012 Frank Hunleth and Bill Babson, WA1IVD presentation on Earlang/OTP running on the BeagleBone and possible uses in ham radio.

April 11 2012 Jim Cross ARRL MDC Section Manager made a presentation on amateur radio and emergency response.