Two New Videos Featuring HARC Members Available

Two new videos produced for HacDC Amateur Radio Club are now available.

  • The first is a new tutorial series entitled “Paper Hams Unite – Elmers to the Rescue”.  This is the first (Episode 1: Understanding Frequencies and Meters) in a series of helpful tutorials that will talk about all aspects of ham radio. We’ll be digging deeper into the practical, technological, scientific, and historical aspects of amateur radio.  This first video features Elmers Don Jones (K6ZO) and Susan Meckley (W7KFI), hosted by HARC member Darrell Johnson (KC3FZT).

  • The second video is HARC’s participation in the CQ Worldwide CW Contest that took place in November of 2015.  It features Don Jones, Susan Meckley, and Bruce Haupt (K3MYI).

More videos will be available soon.

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