NPOTA Activation by HacDC ARC Member

From KB3ZUK on 8/21/16

Good evening, all. I am happy to report that the family and I arrived safe and sound to Chincoteague Island, VA this afternoon and got the lay of the land. Hopefully, I will have a good nights rest and be ready for a full day of radio madness, activating Assateaque Island /- SS01 / for the 23rd time this year starting tomorrow, August 22, 2016 at approximately 1000 AM (1400 HRS UTC). I will start operations on 20M phone, then move to 40M phone and try other HF bands depending upon conditions, trying to stay within the General portions of the band whenever possible to allow maximum opportunities for contacts. I will also try to post my starting of each day’s activities and starting band/frequency on Twitter and mobile coverage allows on the ARRL’s NPOTA Page: @ARRL_NPOTA

I plan on spending a full day of operations as a single operator, manually logging contacts in the field, taking minimal breaks. Depending upon interest, what my family does in the meantime (and my stamina) I hope to operate until at least 5:00 pm (1900 UTC).

Again, depending upon interest and family plans, I may return again for another day of operations on Tuesday, August 23, 2016 for a similar period as on August 22. I may have one final period of brief operations on Wednesday, August 23, 2016 before returning home.

I would GREATLY appreciate making your contacts and/or having you SPOT me and NOTE ME AS NPOTA SS01 on your networks of choice (DX Spot, DX Spider, etc.). This is my first vacation with my family since 2009 due to my illness. I was able to go this year because this NPOTA event gives me something to do out of the sun while my family enjoys the beach but then affords us our evenings together. I look forward to activating the park so you can add it to your list of national parks you have worked on the air.

73 de KB3ZUK – Jeff Dahn

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