All For One…and One For The Mall


Please join HacDC in a National Parks on the Air (NPOTA) activation…with a twist!

Question: How do you activate the National Mall without stepping foot on the lawn?

Answer: By activating a unit maintained by the National Mall park!

You are invited to join the HacDC Amateur Radio Club (W3HAC) as we take amateur radio into the heart of the city! On October 15, 2016, following our club breakfast, we will attempt to activate the beautiful, but striking, African American Civil War Memorial at the intersections of 10th St., U St. and Vermont Ave. in N.W., Washington, DC (1925 Vermont Ave, N.W., Washington, DC 20001). We will be right near the top of the U Street/African-American Civil War Memorial/Cardozo Metro Station. Our approximate time of deployment will be between 1200-1300 EDT (1600-1700 UTC). We will have one station and band / modes for operation are expected to begin on 20M phone in the General portion of the band, with CW operation possible for all license classes to have an opportunity to work. Club members will self spot on popular sporting networks and encourage stations working us to continue to spot members as they QSY. Updates to FB will also be posted in kind for “W3HAC”.

By working our W3HAC station, you will help us demonstrate the amateur radio service to a wonderfully diverse mixed use residential/business community with a rich history in our Nation’s Capital. As a “Chaser” you will get credit for working park DZ06 / National Mall. As an “Activator” operator, you will get practice working in a field environment and enjoy an opportunity to make numerous contacts with your fellow operators from a wide variety of areas on multiple bands. You will also learn how the ARRL uses Logbook of the World to efficiently and effectively track and validate not only the contacts made, but the number of parks activated during this year long NPOTA initiative. You will be able to see first hand why this initiative has been incredibly successful in helping the National Park Service celebrate their 100 year anniversary while helping the American Amateur Radio Relay League educate and inform the public about the value of the amateur radio service.

Questions? Comments? Please just me know. My contact information follows the message.

Thanks and good luck!

73 de KB3ZUK / Jeff Dahn
on behalf of
W3HAC / HacDC Amateur Radio Club
Mobile: (240) 304-9148

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