Spaceblimp Launch at 09:00 EDT

Hello friends of HacDC and HARC. We are finally launching our first high altitude balloon in several years with callsigns W3HAC-11 & W3HAC-12 on ARPS 144.390@500mW and 433.500@1W respectively at 9am. W3HAC-12’s frequency may change the day of due to conditions which we will announce. There should be a digipeater on W3HAC-12 for the duration of the flight which should be between 2-2.5 hours. Feel free to track us at!call=w3hac-11 or directly yourself. We are flying 3 cameras, 3 sets of sensor packages with data to be recovered after landing, and an SD card “resiliency” experiment.

We are launching from Strasburg, VA unless morning predictions cause us to go further south. The Spaceblimp team has been planning this since July so we hope you track us. Pictures, video, and data will be available a few days afterwards at

Ethan Waldo

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