Coming to the DC Area? Suggested Frequency Listing

If you happen to be traveling to the DC area for any reason, we are providing the attached frequency list as a courtesy reference for hams who may be frequenting the popular tourist area of the National Mall and want to know what frequencies work in the area. Our own club’s repeater (W3HAC) has only, “limited, unreliable coverage” on the National Mall, but is still useful for several areas of the city, including areas of popular hotel accommodations, in particular, in the North West quadrant of the city.

Despite the other information you may see, including on our own website about access to our own repeater, the information on this list is the most up to date and accurate information available. We are aware that there is contradictory information, including tone and code information contained elsewhere on the site. This is due to old administrative permissions allowing post access to certain areas of the site that are still being changed over and addressed internally within the club. We are working to address and correct the situation and apologize for any confusion this may cause.

All of these frequencies were field tested as of April 15, 2017 from the area from the National Mall and are accessible with a standard HT at 3 to 5 watts of output power, with the exception as noted above for our club’s W3HAC repeater. If you plan to operate in crowded pedestrian conditions, we recommend your use of headphones in order to maximize your ability to effectively copy traffic. We also recommend programming your transceiver with these frequencies in advance of potential operations in order maximize your effectiveness as an operator in the event of trying to operate in potentially crowded or stressful environments.

Many thanks to Arthur Feller – W4ART, for creating this list and field testing the frequencies.  The community owes Art a huge debt of gratitude for his service.

Welcome to Washington, DC! We hope that you have a safe and enjoyable stay in the area.

Very 73 de Jeff Dahn / KB3ZUK – President
HacDC Amateur Radio Club

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