Software Defined Radio and the DARPA Hackfest

The HacDC Amateur Radio Club is honored to have one of the former lead developers of the GNU Radio project in to speak with us about the exciting field of Software Defined Radio and the upcoming DARPA Bay Area Hackfest!

Our guest speaker, Dr. Tom Rondeau, writes: 

The DARPA Bay Area Hackfest, in partnership with NASA Ames, is all about exploring the electromagnetic spectrum in new and interesting ways that are likely to become consequential in both civilian and national security contexts. Toward that end, my team is putting a software radio onto a remotely piloted aircraft, a UAV, and we will make this model system available at the Hackfest to innovators in the community who we hope will develop exciting new opportunities to build better and more complex cyber-physical systems. 
The Hackfest, which is open to anyone, comprises three parts: a speaker series, a hacker space, and the Hackfest Missions. The speaker series and hacker space run throughout the week as open sessions for anyone to come to and interact with experts and enthusiasts in software radio and UAVs. In the Missions portion of he Hackfest, we are asking participating teams to solve specific technology goals based around the software radio-enabled UAV. Those wishing to participate in the Missions portion, however, must apply to do so. In this talk, I will describe the Hackfest in detail and specify how to participate in the Missions. 
By opening new ways for programming wireless systems, whether they are UAVs or internet-connected household appliances, software radio can provide the foundation for many future capabilities. This Hackfest provides an opportunity to make a big step in that exciting direction.

You can read about Dr. Rondeau’s experience in giving this presentation to the “Fat Cat Fab Lab” Makerspace in New York City, NY by going to:

A copy of Dr. Rondeau’s Biography may be found at:

We look forward to seeing you there!

“73” (Best Wishes) / Jeff Dahn – KB3ZUK / President

HacDC Amateur Radio Club

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