All For One…and One For The Mall

imagePlease join HacDC in a National Parks on the Air (NPOTA) activation…with a twist!

Question: How do you activate the National Mall without stepping foot on the lawn?

Answer: By activating a unit maintained by the National Mall park!

You are invited to join the HacDC Amateur Radio Club (W3HAC) as we take amateur radio into the heart of the city! On October 15, 2016, following our club breakfast, we will attempt to activate the beautiful, but striking, African American Civil War Memorial at the intersections of 10th St., U St. and Vermont Ave. in N.W., Washington, DC (1925 Vermont Ave, N.W., Washington, DC 20001). We will be right near the top of the U Street/African-American Civil War Memorial/Cardozo Metro Station. Our approximate time of deployment will be between 1200-1300 EDT (1600-1700 UTC). We will have one station and band / modes for operation are expected to begin on 20M phone in the General portion of the band, with CW operation possible for all license classes to have an opportunity to work. Club members will self spot on popular sporting networks and encourage stations working us to continue to spot members as they QSY. Updates to FB will also be posted in kind for “W3HAC”.

By working our W3HAC station, you will help us demonstrate the amateur radio service to a wonderfully diverse mixed use residential/business community with a rich history in our Nation’s Capital. As a “Chaser” you will get credit for working park DZ06 / National Mall. As an “Activator” operator, you will get practice working in a field environment and enjoy an opportunity to make numerous contacts with your fellow operators from a wide variety of areas on multiple bands. You will also learn how the ARRL uses Logbook of the World to efficiently and effectively track and validate not only the contacts made, but the number of parks activated during this year long NPOTA initiative. You will be able to see first hand why this initiative has been incredibly successful in helping the National Park Service celebrate their 100 year anniversary while helping the American Amateur Radio Relay League educate and inform the public about the value of the amateur radio service.

Questions? Comments? Please just me know. My contact information follows the message.

Thanks and good luck!

73 de KB3ZUK / Jeff Dahn
on behalf of
W3HAC / HacDC Amateur Radio Club
Mobile: (240) 304-9148

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Watch Jim Talens – N3JT / Television Interview with WUSA Channel 9 Regarding Morse Code (CW)

Club member Jim Talens – N3JT was recently interviewed at his home station by the CBS Washington DC affiliate television station Channel 9 WUSA. He had the opportunity to discuss the history and continued use of Morse Code (CW) as a method of communications and why it is very useful in emergency situations.  Click the link below:

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Silver Spring Maker Faire September 25, 2016 –Noon to 5PM–


HacDC Amateur Radio Club is partnering with Montgomery Amateur Radio Club and the Kid’s Museum at the Silver Spring Maker Faire September 25, 2016.   This event runs from 12PM to 5PM. This event is held at the SILVER SPRING CIVIC CENTER, 1 VETERANS PLACE, SILVER SPRING, MD, 20910

Maker Faire Silver Spring: Maker Faire Silver Spring is a free, family-friendly event that brings together Makers of all types for a spectacular display of art, science, technology, craft and engineering. It is being presented by KID Museum, a new museum in Montgomery County dedicated to inspiring the next generation of innovators.

  • Make
  • Tinker
  • Build
  • Invent
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Check out our seven element 6 meter yagi



W3HAC Big Hammer (2)


HacDC Amateur Radio Club will be qrv on six meters with a M2 seven element 6 meter mono band yagi beam.   Our station can be accessed online using client software.

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HacDC ARC Club Member W7KFI – Susan Meckley – Interviewed for “QSO Today”

Please follow the below listed link to go to the “QSO Today” Amateur Radio Podcast page and listen to Susan as she is interviewed for episode 109 of the program.

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National Parks on The Air at “The White House” Park “W3H” 100th Birthday

HacDC Amateur Radio Club activated NPOTA #DZ10 ” The White House”.  This event was held on August 25, 2016, celebrating the 100th birthday of the National Park Service.  A special call sign “W3H” was issued for this event.  Pictured (left to right) Pat K0OO, John KB3EBN, Phil KC3HMY, and Scott KI4YOE.

w3h npota 100our location


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NPOTA Activation by HacDC ARC Member

From KB3ZUK on 8/21/16

Good evening, all. I am happy to report that the family and I arrived safe and sound to Chincoteague Island, VA this afternoon and got the lay of the land. Hopefully, I will have a good nights rest and be ready for a full day of radio madness, activating Assateaque Island /- SS01 / for the 23rd time this year starting tomorrow, August 22, 2016 at approximately 1000 AM (1400 HRS UTC). I will start operations on 20M phone, then move to 40M phone and try other HF bands depending upon conditions, trying to stay within the General portions of the band whenever possible to allow maximum opportunities for contacts. I will also try to post my starting of each day’s activities and starting band/frequency on Twitter and mobile coverage allows on the ARRL’s NPOTA Page: @ARRL_NPOTA

I plan on spending a full day of operations as a single operator, manually logging contacts in the field, taking minimal breaks. Depending upon interest, what my family does in the meantime (and my stamina) I hope to operate until at least 5:00 pm (1900 UTC).

Again, depending upon interest and family plans, I may return again for another day of operations on Tuesday, August 23, 2016 for a similar period as on August 22. I may have one final period of brief operations on Wednesday, August 23, 2016 before returning home.

I would GREATLY appreciate making your contacts and/or having you SPOT me and NOTE ME AS NPOTA SS01 on your networks of choice (DX Spot, DX Spider, etc.). This is my first vacation with my family since 2009 due to my illness. I was able to go this year because this NPOTA event gives me something to do out of the sun while my family enjoys the beach but then affords us our evenings together. I look forward to activating the park so you can add it to your list of national parks you have worked on the air.

73 de KB3ZUK – Jeff Dahn

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National Parks On The Air @ The White House-Centennial Celebration

HacDC Amateur Radio Club will be “on the air” from President’s Park (NPOTA #DZ10) August 25, 2016.  We will be making contacts on 40-10 meter cw, ssb and digital modes from 14:00 UTC to 21:00 UTC.  (10 am to 5 pm local time).  We have been issued the special one by one call sign of “W3H” for this event.  Our exact location will be 400 ft NW of 15th St NW and Constitution Ave NW, Washington DC.

our locationw3h our qth

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Spaceblimp Tuesdays @ HacDC 7PM

Spaceblimp Tuesday is a weekly gathering at HacDC and remote web conferencing where we invent and build the next HacDC high altitude balloon.


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Sid NH7C speaking at HacDC August 10th @7:30pm


Sid NH7C  will be presenting on “Amateur Radio integration in Disasters”.  Sid is with the Department of Interior.

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