Repeaters and Nets in the greater Washington D.C. metro area

There are a lot of repeaters in and around the District, but here is a short list of the repeaters we hear most often from inside the beltway (and some nets that use them).

RX: 145.43000, TX: 144.83000
Uplink Tone: 114.8
DCMARC, Washington, D.C.

Nets: Monday 8pm HacDC ARC net.

RX: 146.95500, TX: 146.35500
Montgomery Amateur Radio Club, Maryland

Nets: Sunday 7:30pm MARC Net, Tuesday 8pm Emergency & Public Service Net.

RX: 146.62500, TX: 146.02500
Downlink Tone: 107.2, Uplink Tone: 107.2
Arlington Radio Public Service Club, Virginia

Nets: Sunday 8:30pm Emergency Response net, Monday 9pm Night Owls rag chew net, Wednesday 9pm RACES.

RX: 146.79000, TX: 146.19000
Downlink Tone: 77, Uplink Tone: 77
NVFMA, Fairfax, Virginia

Nets: Sunday 8:00pm.

RX: 147.31500, TX: 147.91500
Uplink Tone: 107.2
Alexandria Radio Club, Virginia

Nets: Thursday 8:00pm net.

RX: 146.83500, TX: 146.23500
Goddard Amateur Radio Club, Maryland

Nets: Daily 12:00 Keep-in-Touch net, Thursday 9pm GARC net.

RX: 449.97500, TX: 444.97500
Downlink Tone: 107.2, Uplink Tone: 107.2
NERA, Washington, D.C.

RX: 146.88000, TX: 146.28000
Downlink Tone: 77
GMRA, Greenbelt, Maryland

Nets: Monday 7:30pm Echolink net, Thursday 7:30pm “Roy” net.

RX: 147.10500, TX: 147.70500
Downlink Tone: 107.2, Uplink Tone: 107.2
Anne Arundel Radio Club, Maryland

Nets: Wednesday 8:00pm net, Wednesday 8:00am traffic net.

RX: 147.30000, TX: 147.90000
Uplink Tone: 146.2
Bluemont, Virginia

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W3HAC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization welcoming all those interested in amateur radio in and around the Washington D.C., at all levels of licensing and from every walk of life.


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Join us on 2 meters

Monday nights at 8pm we host a weekly net on the K3MRC repeater at 145.430 (-) PL 114.8Hz.

Missed Monday?

Most of us are on K3MRC the rest of the week too, or try us on simplex at 146.520.


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