Meetings & Members

Welcome to the Amateur Radio club for citizens of the District. We’re for operators like you, and our meetings are open to everybody.

Being a ham in a city like D.C. is … unique.

Most of us don’t have a ham radio station in our home, and nearly all of us live in a building or house with significant antenna restrictions. That’s why our mission is a bit different than clubs in the suburbs – we have to help each other and help our community to keep radio alive in Washington, D.C.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, we have met exclusively by videoconference, but the focus of our members and meetings are the same – we’re channelling the energy of our dedicated and diverse membership as we work on three core initiatives:

  • Rebuild the ARES Emergency Communications capability in the District of Columbia.
  • Mentor and support Tech licensees as they work towards their General tickets.
  • Improve our remotely operated H.F. and 6 meter station to better serve D.C. hams, who rely on it to operate. 

Join us as we get to work helping each other, and our community.

Weekly Nets

On Monday nights at 8pm, we host a weekly net on the K3MRC repeater at 145.430 (-600 offset) with a P.L. Tone of 114.8Hz. The net is very informal and is usually driven by a “question of the week.”

To join, just grab your VHF radio, and jump in. We’re always happy to help hams who are just getting started and/or new to the area.

Monthly Meetings

W3HAC holds virtual meetings on the second Wednesday of each month at 8pm.

We focus on a range of topics related to our core initiatives, including rebuilding ARES Emergency Communications in D.C., and helping members be the hams follow their interests whether they have a ham radio in their home or not.

To join, sign up for email via our Google Group, and we’ll send you an invite to the next one.


Want to get to know us a bit? Here are a handful of our members you can “meet” through their blogs or QRZ pages:

We look forward to hearing you on the air sometime soon.